Elite: Season 4

With the arrival of a new principal and his kids – Ari, Mencia and Patrick – comes a new mystery after Ari is found close to death. The story picks up with a new school term at Las Encinas, as well as a new director: one of the most powerful businessmen in Europe, ready to bring the Las Encinas institution, which, according to him, has been running amok in the past few years, back on track. He brings his three children with him: three teenagers too used to always get their own way, and to have what they want when they want, no matter who falls, and who will jeopardize the union and strong friendship of the students who have stayed at the school.

Creators: Carlos Montero & Darío Madrona
Cast: Aron Piper, Miguel Bernardeau, Itzan Escamilla, Manu Rios

Where to Watch: Netflix

Review: So far, every season of Netflix’s Spanish noir teen drama Elite has begun the same way: with an investigation. A body is found in a pool during a party—but we won’t tell you who it is, because what’s the fun in that? Season three was all about tying up loose ends and closing the chapter on Marina’s death. But this fourth season is about how even when things seem the same on the surface—another mystery, class struggles, and messy romances—we’re entering a new chapter for the remaining Las Encinas students, where they have to come to terms with how much the past can shape their futures.

Though Élite falls back on repeating many of the challenges we’ve seen in previous seasons, there are enough twists to keep things fresh, hooking viewers with the fates of both beloved and new characters. And there’s this hope that even while characters like Guzmán take steps backwards, the repercussions for their actions create greater growth than in previous seasons.

Verdict: Worth the Popcorn

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