The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Set six months after the return of half of humankind from a five-year period of nonexistence imposed by Thanos’s “Blip,” Sam Wilson allies himself with Bucky Barnes to embark on a series of international adventures, the duo drawn together by their ties to Steve Rogers, to thwart the activities of the Flag-Smashers, an anti-patriotism terrorist cell. While most people cheered the re-arrival of the people who’d been lost, a significant number were displaced yet again from the homes and nations they’d suddenly been given access to on a less crowded planet. 

Creator: Malcolm Spellman
Cast: Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Wyatt Russell, Daniel Brühl, Emily VanCamp

Where to Watch: Disney+

Review: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier may have struggled with defining its tone… But its commitment to the overarching theme of heroes and the dangers of exceptionalism has been unwavering. I don’t think this series will re-invent the Marvel wheel or come with a clever new bent like we saw with WandaVision but it should satisfy Marvel fans. And speaking of WandaVision, although the one-episode-a-week format might have worked in favor of the first MCU show, TFTWS would have profited more from releasing its episodes all at once. But in the end, the show was a major spectacle and had some really interesting, grounded story telling. Also, Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie have some of the best chemistry you could hope for and Daniel Brühl’s Baron Zemo is always a delight.

Review: Worth the Popcorn

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