The Circle: Season 2

Contestants live in an apartment building showcasing the infamous circle on the outside. They are literal neighbours, but never meet face to face. They communicate through a social media app called “The Circle.” They can create a profile as themselves or make up a fake persona to play as. They regularly rank the other players based on their impressions through social media interactions, and the top rated players become influencers. The influencers get to block, or eliminate a player, until ultimately a winner is crowned.

Cast: Michelle Buteau, Chloe Veitch, Savannah Palacio, Courtney Revolution

Where to Watch: Netflix

Review: The second season of “The Circle” is so well-produced that I had no choice but to get sucked right in, to the tune of watching eight episodes in a row completely by accident. There are twists and games designed to stoke tension and probe at underlying dynamics that threaten to explode. Gameplay can be as fierce and cutthroat as anything you’ll see on “Survivor,” albeit with facetious emojis. But for the most part, “The Circle” is a revealing, surprisingly deft experiment in how relationships can develop online, where you can be anyone and find those you vibe with no matter where they are. Even when they’re not playing real people, the “Circle” cast forges real friendships with each other, because what else are they supposed to do. As we now know too well, there are only so many puzzles you can do on your own before craving some human connection.

Verdict: Worth the Popcorn

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