With a wealth of never-before-seen footage, audio tapes, personal photos, and new interviews, including with the singer herself, TINA presents an unvarnished and dynamic account of the life and career of music icon Tina Turner. Everything changed when Tina began telling her story, a story of trauma and survival, that gave way to a rebirth as the record-breaking queen of rock ‘n’ roll. But behind closed doors, the singer struggled with the survivor narrative that meant her past was never fully behind her. Directed by Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin, the documentary charts Tina Turner’s early fame, the private and public personal and professional struggles, and her return to the world stage as a global phenomenon in the 1980s.

Director: Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin
Cast: Tina Turner, Angela Basset, Oprah Winfrey

Review: Tina is, in many ways, a triumph: a compelling exploration of one of rock’s most important performers, crafted in a way that, finally, might allow her to stop talking about a history that remains damaging to revisit.
It is Turner’s reflection, her thank-you and her true farewell. With a career that stretched back to 1957, the singer has given us more than we ever deserved. Now, she’s saving the rest of it for herself. From electrifying concert performances to intimate footage with her family, a composite of the real Tina Turner starts to form.

Verdict: Super Worth the Popcorn

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