The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special

Set after the events of last year’s The Rise of SkywalkerLEGO Star Wars Holiday Special opens with Rey training Finn to become a Jedi. Meanwhile, Poe is more interested in the Life Day Celebration on Chewbacca’s wooded home world of Kashyyyk. This element of the LEGO special is a direct reference to the original special, which featured Chewbacca’s wife, his son Lumpy and his father Itchy. Determined to further develop Finn’s training, Rey finds a reference in the ancient Jedi texts to a Life Day miracle and off she goes with BB-8 to uncover the secret. She heads to a planet and inside a Christmas tree-shaped temple, a magical gem that allows her to unlock time and space. She figures she can learn to be a great Jedi master by learning from other Jedi masters, so she hops into the vortex and off she goes.

Director:  Ken Cunningham
Cast:  A.J. LoCascio, Anthony Daniels, Ben Prendergast 

Review: Whether or not LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special becomes a perennial Christmas special is hard to say. But for this dismal year, when good cheer is in such short supply, it certainly does the job. Put on your favorite Star Wars ugly Christmas sweater, snuggle up with your family, put a log on the fire, and put on this new special. It’s funny and zippy and puts the life back in Life Day. If there was anything that could rehab the stigma of the original Star Wars Holiday Special, this is it. May the Force be with you this Christmas.

Verdict: Worth the Popcorn

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