Shawn Mendes: In Wonder

A portrait of singer/songwriter Shawn Mendes’ life, chronicling the past few years of his rise and journey. Over the course of 80 minutes, director Grant Singer immerses the viewer into Mendes’ day-to-day life: his jet-setting, a vocal injury, the songwriting process, his desperation to grasp even an ounce of normalcy in his high-profile relationship. 

Director: Grant Singer
Cast: Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello, Evan A. Dunn

Review: Singer is a veteran of music videos, and this stylistic training shows here, as the frame fuzzily bops from tableau to tableau and moment to moment with restricted attention to concrete storytelling. Singer hopes to offer the history of Mendes’ career,  maturation and emotional journey through memory and imagery. Shawn Mendes is proof that the act of dreaming has power, and you can manifest your pursuits into concrete reality. And while Mendes has anxieties, about his imperfections and not measuring up the yardstick he has for himself, there is an idealism and purity to him that is a rare thing to see in a celebrity.

Verdict: Worth the Popcorn (if you’re into these things…)

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