Diana: In Her Own Words

National Geographic’s Diana: In Her Own Words stands out because it’s completely narrated by Diana herself: The audio is supplied from the “Morton tapes,” a series of secret interviews recorded by the princess and sent to journalist Andrew Morton. Done in 1991, the tapes (which were the basis for Morton’s 1992 best-selling book, Diana: Her True Story) catch the princess at a troubled time: plagued by tabloid rumors, hounded by the press, her marriage irrevocably broken. Diana: In Her Own Words revisits these scandals, but with Diana’s explanations, painting an intimate and raw portrait of one of the world’s most famous women.

Director: Tom Jennings, David Tillman
Cast: Diana Princess of Wales, Prince Charles

Review: A markedly, deliberately one-sided piece, constructed entirely from Diana’s own voice over archival footage, it’s compelling, well-executed, and gives a sense of the personal, the intimate-the sense that this is the “real” Princess Diana. Was National Geographic right to broadcast what have become notorious tapes of Diana speaking candidly about her life? The pragmatic answer to that has to be, yes.

Verdict: Worth the Popcorn

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