Under the Riccione Sun


Every year, the same group of college-age friends descends upon the sandy seaside of Riccione to party and goof around. Ciro arrives in Riccione to audition for some Idolesque contest, but ends up working as a lifeguard. Flirty Mara  invites him to join her volleyball squad because she wants in his shorts, but he’s got a girlfriend back home. Marco  is a shy, nice-guy type who’s been nursing a crush on Guenda for a millennia. Vincenzo hits the hotel with his omnipresent mom Irene, who’s grossly overprotective because he’s blind.

There are volleyball matches, nights out at the club, random beachside lounging, etc., as all these romantic threads get looped and knotted and twisted and tangled and hopefully straightened out into a few happily-ever-afters by vacation’s end.

Director: Younuts
Cast: Cristiano Caccamo, Saul Nanni, Andrea Roncato

Review: It’s a classic summer feel-good movie set in a beautiful beach setting. It’s definitely worth the watch and I have a feeling it might become a classic for some.

Verdict: Worth the Popcorn


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