Dangerous Lies


Katie and her husband, Adam are struggling to make ends meet. Adam is a graduate student; Katie works two jobs, but it’s still tight. A silver lining in Katie’s day job is her wonderful relationship with Leonard , an elderly man in her care who appreciates and treasures her. When Katie finds Leonard dead one morning, it sets off a series of events, both good and bad, that will change everything. The sudden appearances of a mysterious realtor and a surprise visit from Leonard’s lawyer set the stage for the intrigue that is to come. Leonard’s will, naming Katie as his heir, is a shock. Adam’s desire for security after a lifetime of poverty sends him in a direction that Katie never expected. Mistakes are made. Fortunes are discovered. Old crimes are unearthed. And, finally, a police detective begins to suspect both Katie and Adam of betrayal and foul play.

Director: Michael Scott
Cast: Camilla Mendes, Jessie T. Usher, Jamie Chung, Elliot Gould

Review: Dangerous Lies is ridiculously horrible. It’s one of those movies in which nobody seems to smell a dead body that’s been decomposing above the garage for two years, and a seemingly smart cop’s suspicions about a sizable inheritance never prompt her to question the attorney who drew up the will. Dangerous Lies is riddled with dumb logic. But if you can check your brain and go along with the preposterous plotting of a mystery thriller as generic as its title maybe you can survive watching it.

Verdict: Just plain horrible


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