Hillary: Limited Series


A very long, revealing interview with Clinton herself is used to comment on both the 2016 campaign from primaries to Election Day and her biography. And so “Hillary” cuts from campaign meetings in the most recent chapter of her political career – we see a lot of interesting debate prep and reaction opposite both Sanders and Trump – with jumps back to her childhood, life in college & law school, meeting Bill Clinton, and all the subsequent scandals with her husband and beyond. Hillary is more revealing about a lot of these events than she’s ever been before.

Director: Nanette Burstein
Cast: Hillary Clinton

Review: We know the major life events that “Hillary” has to hit from her attempts at reforming health care to the controversies of Bill’s Presidency to those damn emails, and HRC is willing to talk about it all, but it’s how Burstein places them in biographical context that’s so impressive. Great biographies in any form don’t just list off major events, they tie a life together in a way that feels like a complete picture. Burstein does that with one of the most well-known lives in American history here. We may know all the stories in “Hillary,” but they’ve never been tied together in way like this before, revealing the life of a strong, smart woman who was often a victim of things entirely out of her control.

Verdict: Worth the Popcorn


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