Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (Review)


Finally this is a superhero flick I can say isn’t made for small kids. Whenever I watch a Marvel movie I always feel like a toddler. They solely base their movies on the character’s reputation in the comics. There is no depth, just a display of destruction and then a rolling out of very obvious events. The biggest testament to what I’m saying is Avengers: Age of Ultron. The story took us nowhere we just got two more superheroes and Marvel got a lot more money. Batman vs Superman is the embodiment of what every comic book fan wants: it has depth, it touches on the real world, it shows real emotions and most importantly real consequences to the destruction that’s going on.

BvS starts with Bruce Wayne’s point of view of the mayhem in Metropolis during Man of Steel. He sees Superman as a threat, an alien that can play God whenever he wants. The situation escalates further when Superman is blamed for a massacre in an African village. But it all turns out to be the work of master manipulator Lex Luthor who has been pulling all the strings for his own benefit. He was painting Superman as a danger for humanity so Batman would take him out, he was the one manipulating the government so he can get access to the Kryptonian ship and general Zod’s body.

The film was also hugely carried by the cast, who are more than fantastic. I always thought that Batman was an overrated superhero but Ben Affleck’s performance made me like Batman a lot! Henry Cavill was born to be Superman. I am talking out of experience here, Superman is my favorite so I’m a man of steel connoisseur. He isn’t a fake smiley version of Superman, he’s affected by what is happening around him, by the death and destruction he’s witnessing. This is a real human being, or should I say Kryptonian, that is being portrayed.

This movie also featured the first outing of Wonder Woman on the big screen. She’s introduced as a mysterious woman who’s onto all of Bruce’s plans. She then transforms into this warrior princess who appears to be as, if not more, powerful than the title characters. Gal Gadot portrayed a mesmerizing Wonder Woman, she really holds her own in this movie and shines bright in every scene.

Now, Jesse Eisenberg delivered a different Lex Luthor but his performance was outstanding. He showed us a crazy psychotic Lex with hell bent on killing Clark Kent and riding the world of Superman. This was a very different version of the villain, one that was only seen in some of the comic books and in none of the on-screen iterations. This Lex owns up to his instability and God complex. He is pure evil and doesn’t shy away from it.

The beginning of the movie might have been a little slow but it was necessary to establish the story not just for this movie but for all the upcoming DC movies. However, the film picks up its pace and then we arrive to the first scene of the last act when Superman calls out the name of his mother “Martha”, which happens to be Bruce’s slain mom’s name. This has received ridicule from a lot people that deem it silly since it was  all it took for Batman to trust Superman. But I find it an extremely human scene. Bruce was reminded of his mother in that moment and what would she think of what he was doing. He also realized that Superman is also Clark, a normal person who has his own Martha that loves him.

Seeing Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman fight together in the final act made me feel butterflies in my stomach as they put to shame every single one of the Avengers. Although Doomsday was too much CGI for me, it took a lot of guts for Warner Bros. to feature such a prominent figure from the comics so early in the DCEU. I also admired them for killing their “Captain America” in their second outing.

On a more technical side, the score can’t go unnoticed. Hans Zimmer delivers music truly fit for heroes. Now to be fair there were some plot holes in the movie but maybe this was due to editing or some scenes that were cut. A small example is how did Lex Luthor suddenly find out that Clark Kent was really Superman and come on wasn’t anyone in the DC world curious how come both Clark and Superman died at the same time? Furthermore, they cut from the theatrical version a scene that could have excited comic fans a lot. In one of the scenes Lex tells Batman that “He’s coming. The bell has been rung”. He, turns out to be Steppenwolf, Darkseid’s nephew, who are both two of the most prominent villains of the DC universe.

In the end, this movie was a huge success and the audience’s reaction is a testament to that. For the huge negative opinion from critics I’d say they either got accustomed to dumb Marvel movies or they were payed a lot by Disney to trash the beginning of this new (and better) cinematic universe.

Director: Zack Snyder
Cast: Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot

Score: B+ (Worth The Popcorn) B+

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